What does UKMA provide?

Physical Training

Training begins by conditioning your body’s stamina, strength and balance flexibility. You will tone muscles through striking and warm up exercises -- including punching and kicking.  Martial arts will not cause you to 'bulk up' but will instead tone what you have. You will increase your endurance through cardio work such as running or kicking down the school. You will develop your core, which will help to prevent injury.  You will increase your grace and balance through Hapkido training.   You will develop your flexibility through stretching on a regular basis. All of these provides far reaching benefits throughout your life from stress reduction to living a longer, healthier life.    

Mental Training

At UKMA you will also learn the philosophies of Hapkido and principles of Hapkido.   These concepts will have subtle, yet effective impacts on your life.   Learning how the concept of accepting what is coming at your and redirecting that to something else will help reduce stress.

The UKMA Family

At UKMA, everyone is welcome to train.  Troubles and politics are left at the door.  We provide a stress free environment that allows you to be yourself in every class.  We invite you to learn more about our classes, our instructors, and to join us!

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