UKMA Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization; EIN 83-2337462.

United States taekwondo instructors' union

About Us

The USTIU is a nonprofit organization that was founded by the late 10th Dan Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee. It was formed to create an organization for Taekwondo instructors to help each other further the advancement of TKD for their schools, students and colleagues, their communities, and practitioners in general.  There are many schools with similar goals, and we believe we can achieve more united versus remaining isolated.  Some benefits of the USTIU include:

· Knowledge sharing related to TKD or best business practices.

· Networking with experienced TKD instructors and school owners. 

· Discounted or free participation in USTIU sponsored events & seminars including  poomse(forms), self-defense, traditional Taekwondo training and more.

· Discounted or free access to training facilities and classes of chartered USTIU schools.

· Access to USTIU promotions certificates for black belts.  Your students would train   and test under your existing system so the USTIU certificate is another credential they may apply for. Given some of the challenges related to the Kukkiwon, the USTIU certificate could be a viable alternative to recognize the ranking of senior black belts.

USTIU general membership will be open to TKD practitioners Blue Belt and above and is nonexclusive so they may be members of other organizations or associations. If an applicant is accepted, he or she may join for a $35 one-time lifetime membership fee.

Regardless of what you or any of your instructors do, your school will remain as is,  fully owned, controlled, managed and guided by you. And the USTIU would literally be the union to interconnect schools and its members to help achieve common goals for our schools, students, fellow instructors, and the TKD community as a whole. 



Sun Woo Park, 9th Dan

President, USTIU 

Board Members:

Bob Lemire, 9thDan

Gary Pelletier, 9thDan

Dave Sirois, 9th Dan

Jack Scuito, 8th Dan

Mark Edlund, 7th Dan

Brian Levesque, 7th Dan

Stan Nowak, 7th Dan

Ron Poulin, 7th Dan

Danny Wertz, 7th Dan

Waleed Yousef, 7th Dan

Jay Meyers, 6thDan

Peg Meyers, 6thDan


Sun Woo Park, President

Barry Drago, Vice President

Richard Joseph Botticello, Jr., Secretary

James Lee, Treasurer

The United States Taekwondo Instructors’ Union, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; EIN 22-3242716. Based in Connecticut, the USTIU files annual reports with the Secretary of the State under Business ID #0263790.