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Boot Camp/cardio Kickboxing - 1st month special $49.95 - unlimited classes


UKMA Boot Camp is unlike an aerobic class or other fitness classes where an instructor is leading a group of people through various exercises at a certain pace, UKMA Boot Camp allows everyone to go at their own pace.  An individual can compete with themselves to see how many repetitions of each exercise he/she can do within those segments.  Get maximum results in a short amount of time. The class is 30 minutes.  Get in the BEST shape of your life!

UKMA Cardio Kickboxing consists of kickboxing fundamentals, striking, conditioning, bag work, speed drills and more.  No experience needed.  This 1 hour workout includes low and high intensity interval training suited for all fitness levels.   

Tues - 5:30pm(Kids Boot Camp)

5:55pm - Adults

Thurs - 5:50pm - Cardio Kickboxing 

Wed - 6pm

Sat - 8:30am - Cardio Kickboxing

$85 per month

(includes Cardio Kickboxing)

Unlimited Classes

3, 6, 12 month discount packages available.

Family discounts available.

Gloves and wraps - $45 extra

1 time $35 Insurance fee per year.

For Boot Camp questions, contact Lindsay at 860-869-3635

For Cardio Kickboxing questions, contact Jay at 860-938-1811