Why Choose UKMA

Choosing the Right School

Choosing a martial arts school to study at is an serious consideration. Every school offers its own benefits, and you should find the school that's the right fit. We suggest you come in and see how we act with each other, each student and each instructor.  We provide a family atmosphere while learning the traditions of TaeKwonDo and Hapkido.  We at UKMA exceed all the suggested requirements for a school school -- and have the following benefits shown below.   

Multiple Instructors

UKMA has a variety of different instructors teaching classes. All of our instructors are students first, then a teacher second.  This is important, as each instructor has their own style of teaching.    All of our instructors are certified through the World TaeKwonDo Federation and World Hapkido Federation. All instructors are dedicated to each student in every class.

Multiple Classes

UKMA offers a wide variety of different classes that you can attend!   Where other schools will offer 2-3 classes a week, a UKMA adults and teenagers can attend several classes a week! This allows for you to find classes that match your schedule instead of hedging your schedule around classes. 

Variety of Classes

UKMA offers more than just one basic type of class. We offer traditional TaeKwonDo and Hapkido for Modern Day Self-Defense. Our Sport TaeKwonDo classes focus on tournament training for those who are interested in competition. These various classes give you a variety of different elements to study, keeping every class you attending interesting and fresh.


Some schools lack any gender or age diversity, making it uncomfortable for some men, women and children showing up to train. UKMA has a great deal of gender diversity, making it more comfortable for all ages. In addition, we encourage parents to take classes with their children.

We Are Family

The most important thing about UKMA is that we all treat each other like family. Everyone you train with will be friendly, respectful and willing to help you however they can.  We want to invite you to join our martial arts family.